Our courses

Systematic kinesiology foundation courses levels 1-6. Come and learn the foundation of muscle testing and how it works; understand the whole person approach to peak performance, food sensitivity testing, how to clear out unwanted emotions and more.   Read more ...

Our talks

Come and enjoy this great opportunity to experience kinesiology first hand with our taster evenings. You will learn how kinesiology works and how you can help yourself, your family and friends improve any health challenges. Click below for more dates.

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Our clinic

Our kinesiology sessions are one-to-one and help to restore balance, aiding the central nervous system to feel more relaxed. Kinesiology addresses the emotional, physical, nutritional and electrical aspects of the body. We also run monthly health talks. Read more ...

Our Philosophy

We believe in optimum health in all areas of your life - not just the physical wellbeing, but also your mental health, financial health, relationship health, spiritual health and career health. Having all of these in order brings with it purpose, confidence and inner balance. Read more ...


Balanced Health Kinesiology Foundation Course 1-6

All our course dates run on Saturdays and Sundays.

Our 2019 foundation course dates:

  • 23rd & 24th February 2019
  • 30th & 31st March 2019
  • 27th & 28th April 2019
  • 25th & 26th May 2019
  • 29th & 30th June 2019
  • 27th & 28th July 2019


Our 2020 foundation course dates:

  • 22nd & 23rd February 2020 
  • 28th & 29th March 2020
  • 25th & 26th April 2020
  • 30th & 31st May 2020
  • 27th & 28th June 2020
  • 25th & 26th July 2020

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Our 2019/20 Practitioners course:

The Practitioner courses will start in October 2019 and end in May 2020 with an exam.

The Dates for our 2019-2020 Practitioner’s Course are:

Orientation Weekend: Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October 2019

Intensive Workshop: Monday 4 to Thursday 7 November 2019 (TACT: The Advanced Communications Training)

Modules 1 & 2: Saturday 30 Nov and Sunday 1 Dec 2019

Modules 3 & 4: Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 January 2020

Modules 5 & 6: Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 February 2020

Modules 7 & 8: Saturday 29 Feb and Sunday 1 March 2020

Modules 9 & 10: Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 April 2020

Exam: Saturday 23 May 2020 10am-12pm

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On an additional note:

How nice is it to get a mention in WDDTY (What Doctors Don't Tell You) magazine. We do our best in helping those with complicated health concerns and one of our clients has had a write up on her challenges with fibromyalgia in the June 2018 addition. 

Have a read of it here