Depression and Anxiety


With depression at an all-time high, it’s currently estimated that around 5,500 people in Britain commit or attempt suicide each year. The word depression comes from the Latin deprimo, meaning ‘to press down’ or ‘to press under’. We ultimately press down any feelings that we don’t want to express just in case we offend someone. Or we get depressed because we don’t feel loved and rather than talk openly, we take action that can be seen as a cry for help. Depression can be identified as a loss of life’s energy, the body and mind feel lethargic and have no interest in present circumstances.

The two types of depression.

First types can become very agitated, cannot concentrate. Their body moves at a high speed and cannot get anything completed. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter which, as a precursor is tryptophan and can be found in turkey. When serotonin levels are low, people can feel depressed and ten times more at risk of committing suicide than those who have higher serotonin.

Second types can feel low in mood. They cry easily, they cry for no reason, they cry and don’t even know why they are crying. They avoid people and become reclusive. This can be a hypoglycemic (low blood sugar imbalance) and a histamine allergy, which responds to tyrosine which helps to make dopamine, which produces norepinephrine.

Anxiety is caused when the body becomes overwhelmed about life, making you doubt yourself and you begin to lose the trust in the process of what life has to offer. Anxiety is a compound of all the emotions you feel: grief, anger, hurt etc… Anxiety becomes the last emotion to overwhelm the body and that's all you begin to feel. Depression, however, is a deeper state to feel than anxiety.

How can kinesiology help?

Balancing the mind and body you become stronger when dealing with yourself and those around you. You won't feel the need to over-please and feel guilty for not pleasing others. In a session, you get the chance to express your true emotions and will be able to let go of the idea/s that you are being taken advantage of.

Removing the myth of perfection - the feeling that everything needs to be right - will at the same time remove what's keeping you from being happy. Kinesiology enables this by balancing the kidney meridian.

The importance of balancing your blood sugar levels is vital. In a kinesiology session our focus is not only on balancing the mind; it is also to correct diet & exercise and back what the body is lacking.

Problems with the adrenal glands and thyroid are also linked to anxiety and depression.

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