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Q: Can I visit the clinic before I make an appointment ?

If you would like to connect and meet your practitioner face to face before a session you can call 01752 770131 and a 15 minute free consultation is provided.     

Q: What do I need to know before a session ?

It is important that you take full responsibility for your health and not to rely solely on your practitioner to make the changes for you. Your practitioner will give you all the help you need to reach your health goals. 

Q: How do I make an appointment ?

Call the clinic to book an appointment. Your practitioner is happy to call you back if you have any questions ahead of your first session. 

Clinic number: 01752 770131.

Q: What happens in a typical kinesiology session ?

In a typical session we explore lifestyle habits, what your complaints are and why you may have these complaints. The body is constantly leaving you clues and a skilled practitioner is able to identify what the body is asking for. Postural tests will be carried out to identify any structural problems. The balancing part of the session involves muscle testing. 

Q: How much do sessions cost ?

The first appointment is £128 and can be as long as 1.5 hours
Follow up appointments are £95 for 1 hour or £75 for 45 minutes 

For children under 16 years old:

First Appointments are £95 for 60 minutes

Follow up session are £75 for 45 minutes

Q: How many sessions will I need ?

This depends on how long the complaint has troubled you and if any aftercare advice has been taken seriously. We recommend 4 sessions which equates to five hours, between 2-4 weeks to find the conditions and correct them. Once all issues have been resolved we find our clients benefit with aftercare sessions every 4-6 weeks.  

Q: What aftercare will I receive ?

Sessions can be intense, especially the first one. We would recommend taking it easy for a few hours afterwards.

We make a number of aftercare recommendations for each client as appropriate, such as supplements, appropriate insoles, nutritional changes, structural advice such as stretching or a strengthening programme. We also recommend journaling exercises for any unwanted emotional challenges.

Q: Who will be your Practitioner ?

Sergie Hajikakou Dip,T.A.S.K - is a kinesiologist based in Plymouth and has dedicated over two decades of his life to understand 'The Whole Person Approach To Peak Performance'

His experience in the health, fitness and wellness industry has given him the opportunity to travel to many different locations around the world to offer seminars on detoxification, health management and to teach the amazing art of muscle testing. He has been a personal trainer, a sports injuries and rehabilitation specialist, studied live blood microscopy, basic biochemistry, herbalism and nutrition and is now a tutor with a full time clinic working with the principles and philosophy through kinesiology. A need to understand how the human mind and body works has led him to run his own health retreats in the South West of England, and to teach workshops and courses in kinesiology. He now runs a very successful practice and brings all of his experiences together to create long-lasting success with a unique approach in helping people achieve specific health goals and to restore balance with body and mind. Sergie has seen over 20,000 people in his practice, he has developed the skills and experience to understand what it is the body needs.

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