Our philosophy

What are we about ?

We believe in optimum health in all areas of your life - not just the physical wellbeing, but also your mental health, financial health, relationship health, spiritual health and career health. Having all of these in order brings with it purpose, confidence and inner balance.

The first steps to achieving optimum balance is finding awareness of what areas in your life need to be looked at. We find the importance on committing full responsibility for your life a vital step in achieving any goal.

We teach the importance of letting go of unwanted behaviours and old hurts which free the body of trapped negative energy.

We encourage you to make decisions and welcome every new experience that will bring you closer to who you really are and bring you back to the authentic you.

The healthserg approach ...

We are a friendly, supportive and professional team with a 'can do' approach in helping people to successfully undertake their journey of self-improvement.  

healthserg was founded 2009 by Sergie Hajikakou, who has dedicated over 20 years of his life to understand 'The Whole Person Approach To Peak Performance'

Techniques in kinesiology, homeopathy, herbalism, nutrition, acupuncture and cognitive emotional work are all used to identify the gaps in your health without the guess work and enable you to return to the health you want.

All elements of MCPE (mental, chemical, physical, electrical) must be functioning properly. If one is out of balance, it will have a knock on effect to the other elements.
Sergie Hajikakou