Systematic Kinesiology

Balanced Health Kinesiology Course Levels 1-6

This course is taught by T.A.S.K (The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology) the governing body of Systematic Kinesiology. This course is a fantastic introduction to Kinesiology and gives students a qualification to become a Foundation Kinesiologist. It is ideal for those already working in healthcare who want to learn valuable techniques but it is also suitable for beginners who are interested in deepening their understanding of health and how the body works.

Kinesiology is an exciting new science using muscle testing which leaves the guesswork behind and identifies the real reasons behind illness, disease and injuries. You’ll acquire many practical skills on this course including pain alleviation, stress reduction and energy enhancement as well as improving the overall health and wellbeing for yourself and others.

You will learn how to:

  • Relieve pain quickly using acupressure and massage techniques
  • Do precision muscle testing to assess energy blockages in the body
  • Identify corrections a person needs - structural, nutritional, emotional, energetic
  • Clear emotional stress easily and quickly 
  • Determine what foods a person is sensitive to 
  • Easily integrate these techniques into your client sessions to get fantastic results 

Who should attend this course?

  • There are no prerequisite qualifications for this course
  • Looking for a move into a career for health 
  • Looking to develop within a career in healthcare
  • Ideal for sports and athletic people looking to improve performance and health and for those with a personal interest in health and wellbeing
  • Please email u to express interest on:

What you will learn during the weekend modules:


  • Learn to accurately muscle test
  • An insight to Mental, Physical, Nutritional and Electrical health
  • Emotional Stress Release Techniques
  • Learn 8 muscles which can help with the digestive tract
  • Understanding why food supplements are essential
  • A quick look at food testing and what is best to eat
  • Find those energy vampires and correct the blockages
  • Understanding holistic health care
  • Help with learning disabilities, dyslexia and dyspraxia
  • Improving reading, writing, co-ordination
  • Improve your hearing and memory
  • Improve sight. See better, easier and more clearly
  • Learn the importance of drinking water
  • How dehydration can cause backache
  • How breathing can increase energy
  • Find out how Meridian Energies work


  • Food Sensitivity Testing - Find foods best eaten or avoided
  • Find which vitamins and minerals our bodies need
  • Help to remove compensations
  • Learn how our body goes from dis-ease to disease
  • Understand stress and its effect and how to cope better
  • Learn eight new muscle tests to help balance the body
  • Treat by surrogate testing - Helps babies, the wounded, disabled, elderly etc…
  • Neuro-vascular points - Enhances blood flow/circulation to organs
  • Neuro-lymphatic points - Enhance lymph flow to specific muscles
  • Relieve breast lumps and pain
  • Disperse fears and phobias
  • Learn the sequence to treat and restore energy balances
  • with a 15 muscle balance


  • How to use Kinesiology preventively
  • Learn six new muscles to test
  • Learn how switching unscrambles and confuses the body
  • Understanding pain with 'over energies'
  • How to work on and raise self-esteem
  • Understanding the powerful effects of affirmations
  • Pain dispersal with emotional stress releases (ESR)
  • Emotional tissue memory scanning plus ESR
  • Check for protein deficiency/assimilation
  • Check for correct mineral levels
  • Reduce stress levels with baroque music
  • Improve co-ordination with your gait
  • Understanding how to prioritise a muscle using a finger mode
  • Relieving cramps
  • Introduction to the Chinese 5 Elements Energy chart


  • An overview of holistic balancing
  • Putting together all information from the previous weekends
  • The power of 'Bach' remedies
  • Balance part of the “aura” energies
  • How to help sciatic back pain, hips and the jaw
  • Help relieve lumbar pain
  • Learn more techniques to correct neck problems
  • Energise the body by flushing the meridians
  • Left/right brain integration - enjoy being more alert and flexible
  • Plus many more powerful balancing skills
  • Looking at further career opportunities in the health industry


  • R.S.I. – (repetitive strain injury).
  • Wrist balance with new wrist muscles tests.
  • More shoulder muscles on the stomach meridian.
  • Cloacal reflexes – first energies to form at conception, very deep and powerful. Grounding and calming, great way to start or end a session.
  • Hormonal muscles – menstruation problems, fibroids, endometriosis, infertility and for men testes and prostate.
  • Ankle/Achilles heel/tendon balance – this area is highly susceptible to stress and the tendon can snap if adrenals are over stressed and not supported.
  • Illiacus – muscle for ICV (Ileocecal Valve):Your first introduction to the ICV.
  • Alarm Points – for over energy, these points are a quick way to find out. before/during a balance if over energy is present.
  • Immune muscles – more on the Spleen meridian.


  • Riddlers
  • Reflex Points – For HCL and food enzymes
  • Digestive aids gall bladder and liver muscles knee balance
  • Reviewing the muscles you know and adding more in Thymus Gland and immune – self esteem – new muscle and Thymus tapping
  • How to deal with Hypertonic Muscles
  • Lung Balance – more lung muscles and for shoulders
  • Lower back/bowel issues – lopsided/twisted. New large Intestine muscle
  • Bladder
  • Balance – Many people have bladder issues. Infections are common also cystitis - frequent urination or feeling that you want to urinate all the time, weak bladder and waking in the night to urinate.
  • Stress incontinence. Interruption of flow, frequent small amounts of urine.
  • New bladder muscles.

How You Will Benefit from this course:

  • Solutions to the source of your own health concerns
  • Gain more energy naturally
  • Gain confidence in working with people holistically
  • Gain further techniques through the tutor's knowledge and experience
  • Gain an understanding of how to help with difficult cases
  • Gain a greater understanding of emotions
  • Networking with like minded people in this exciting field of healthcare
  • Work smarter, not harder and gain greater results for your clients
  • Become skilled at assessing and correcting causes of pain and dysfunction
  • More advanced techniques for professionals in the healthcare industry
  • Receive a certificate of completion
  • Receive 96 hours of continuing education for Continual Professional Development (CPD)
  • If you love learning about yourself, this is the course for you….

Who will be your practitioner ?

Sergie Hajikakou Dip ASK, TASK, is one of the area's leading kinesiologists and has dedicated 20 years of his life to understand 'The Whole Person Approach To Peak Performance.' His experience in the health, fitness and wellness industry has given him the opportunity to travel to many different locations around the world to offer seminars on detoxification, health management and to teach the amazing art of muscle testing. He has been a personal trainer, a sports injuries and rehabilitation specialist and blood microscopist. He has also studied basic biochemistry, herbalist and nutrition and is now a tutor with a full time clinic working in kinesiology. A keen desire to understand how the human mind and body works has led him to run his own health retreats in the South West of England, and to teach workshops and courses in kinesiology. He now runs a very successful practice, bringing all of his experiences together to create long-lasting success with a unique approach in helping people to achieve specific health goals and to restore balance within the body and mind.

What will I gain if I book online today ?

  • A manual, 65-piece kinesiology nutrition test kit, magnet and laser pens to help with your balance sessions.

How much will the Balanced Health Kinesiology Course cost

Payments  - £1,295 - can be in full or paid over a course of seven months. You can sign up for the first weekend and see if it is right for you and pay the subsequent weekends thereafter.
We require a £395 deposit before the course starts and £150 for each weekend module after that.
For optional payment methods please speak to one of our healthserg representatives.

Where is the venue and what are the start times:

Jury's Inn, 50 Exeter Street, Plymouth, PL4 0AZ
9.15 for a 9.30am start finishing between 5-5.30pm

Additional notes and course testimonials: 

Certification will be approved by The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (T.A.S.K). A foundation certificate will be issued after attending all 6 levels in order and completion of 12 case studies have been submitted. 

We will also be running the practitioners course in October 2020 once the foundation course is complete, this will certify you as a qualified kinesiologist. Please click here for more information.

I find kinesiology to be the most rounded out and extensive therapy I have ever received. Sergie is a fantastic teacher and I could not imagine anyone better. He is enthusiastic and so passionate about his teaching. This is more than just a job for Sergie and his great desire to help others is very obvious.
Hambly-Allen Dip MRSS (Shiatsu Practitioner)
You will learn more than you expect from this course
-Jo Rider (Organic Farm Holidays)
Sergie is a great teacher, he creates a great learning environment and has such a wealthof knowledge and experience. If you aren’t sure about signing up, just speak with Sergie. You can’t fail to be impressed and captured by kinesiology. 
Lisa Leonard Cert A.S.K (Kinesiologist)
I can highly recommend the foundation course to anybody not just for helping others, you will learn incredible tools to help yourself as well. Sergie is an inspiring teacher with immense passion and holistic knowledge, he made every weekend fun and full of surprises. Thank you Sergie.
- Abha Wells (trainee kinesiology practitioner)

Kinesiology foundation weekend course dates 

All our course dates run on Saturdays and Sundays.

Our 2023 foundation course dates:

  • Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 October 2023
  • Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 November 2023
  • Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 December 2023
  • Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 January 2023
  • Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 February 2023
  • Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 March 2023 

Express your interest in this course

If you would like to express interest in the systematic kinesiology foundation course and would like to receive more information please call us or submit your message here.

Get people better and  they will send more  new patients to you  than you can treat. 
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