What TASK Devon and Cornwall Practitioner Course will do for you

  • Learn Advanced Systematic Kinesiology from the pioneers in the UK
  • Establish a healthy business with little or no capital
  • Work through your own physical problems and emotional issues
  • Learn from highly trained and experienced tutors – all with their own thriving practices
  • Enable you to help more people in a deeper way
  • Help personal and business communication/relationships
  • Inspire you to have more confidence in your abilities
  • Support you in every way throughout your training

With over two hundred powerful, clinically researched techniques, this course equips you to deal with anything from common ailments, to deeper conditions.

Our aim at TASK Devon and Cornwall will be to teach you authentic Kinesiology and to make you an all-rounded successful Practitioner.

TASK is the oldest school in the UK with 40 years experience and that is why we believe TASK Devon and Cornwall will offer the highest level of training in the UK.

Qualification requirements

1: Pre-requisite: Kinesiology Foundation Course 

Completion of the T.A.S.K. Balanced Health Foundation Course Levels 1 to 6, including 60 class hours and completed homework handed in within six months from level 6.

2: Anatomy and Physiology Requirement

Students need to qualify in Anatomy and Physiology (A & P) to V.T.C.T. or ITEC Diploma or another equivalent level of training. This may be completed before the Practitioners course or after, we do not suggest during due to overload. However, this must be completed before the Certificate is issued. If you choose to take the A&P course after the Practitioners course you have (6) months from the exam date to complete the A&P course, if you exceed this deadline you will need to re-sit a Practitioner module at the cost of £200.

T.A.S.K suggests Essential Training Solutions for a reasonable online A&P course that we accept.

3: Clients and Case Histories

Over the period of the professional training, students are required to be insured, be associate members of T.A.S.K. and to see an average of two clients per week who are charged an expense fee. Students are required to complete and submit case studies for clients seen professionally and send in 4 written per month for assessment. 30 in total and we expect them to be sent in on time.

4: Clinic Practice

To fulfill this valuable part of the course you will need to bring your paying client to the clinic in Plymouth. This is a practical exam and assessed by an approved tutor or practitioner from a professional standpoint.  We look at how you listen and communicate with your client, treat your client with the relevant techniques for what they are presenting with, apply the treatment effectively and thoroughly on all levels of M.C.P.E.

The session is 1½ hours and is not included in the price of the course. The first fifteen minutes will be an opportunity for the Student to talk to their client and look at or take case notes and discuss the current situation. The next hour is treatment time. The tutor will not usually interrupt the session although will give help if asked. The final fifteen minutes are available for the tutor to give the student feedback and any suggestions. This is done privately with your client in the waiting room. A pass is between 5-10 if your score is 4 or below you will need to attend another session. The fee for the re-sit will be £90

The client needs to pay for the supervised session and students are NOT permitted to bring another member of the class OR their family.

5: Exam

The written exam is 2 hours and students need to pass with at least 60% to qualify and receive their Certificate. If English is not your first language or you are dyslexic then the exam time is extended to 2.5 hours.

Student Code of Conduct and Course Responsibilities

The Code of Practice and Ethics are provided to help students to get the best out of the Course, we want every student to derive the maximum benefits from the information both for their own development and for those they will help with their health care.

Course Attendance & Punctuality

Punctual attendance at all modules is required for your learning and mutual respect for the tutors and fellow students. The Tutors are responsible for starting the classes on time. This policy will be adhered to even if everyone in the group is not present.

Please plan to arrive early to catch up with your classmates and settle yourself. When a drink or lunch break is announced, please be responsible to be back in your seat at the time requested. This is so we can cover all the material in the time allotted.

Failure to attend any of the course modules will need to be made up and arranged with a tutor. The cost is £250 per missed weekend and will be the responsibility of the student to arrange a catch up before the next module.

Personal Hygiene

During the course, we are doing a lot of physical work and although we are continually monitoring the room temperature we can become warmer and therefore sweat more.  We are also dealing with our own and others emotional issues and this can produce ‘nervous sweat’.

As practitioners, we need to ensure that we are very aware of our body temperature and odour. If we are ‘walking the talk’ by keeping our diet and lifestyle clean including drinking plenty of water, cleansing etc our sweat will not overly smell.

Please be sure to come to the course fresh and we suggest you wear layers so you can remove clothing if you become too hot.

Hands-on practical work throughout

This is a practical, as well as a theoretical course. You learn best and most easily by doing. All students get to experience practice as the practitioner and have all the treatment a client would get. Most courses include quantities of material you have to study and may never use. What you learn at The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology you will use. You will enjoy the mix of information, demonstration, and practical hands-on learning.

Building your Business

Proven practice building, and practice management approaches

You may start to build a secure business with tried and tested procedures taught on the course, practice for a fee from the beginning of the course. Kinesiology is safe and effective you can be insured and earn an immediate expense income from day one. This also helps you build a practice while you are training.

Kinesiology practiced holistically outperforms other modalities

The “client-driven” truly holistic approach, with muscle testing analysis of the mental, chemical, physical, and energetic realms makes each treatment totally individual. Kinesiology allows you to be specific to each person’s symptoms and needs to solve problems faster. You will succeed where other modalities fall and your practice will build from recommendations. Please look at our testimonials page.

Backed and supported by the pre-eminent professional association

Our students are required to become associate members of The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (T.A.S.K.), and to be insured to practice on clients from day one. Part of the course requirement is for students to see on average two clients a week over the course period. In this way, the course expenses may be mostly met. The course includes business advice and lectures on building a really successful holistic healthcare practice. Membership of the TASK-UK Network of Systematic Kinesiology ensures your protection, support, and provides a list to the public for referrals.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions: